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     My name is Kimberly Rule or "sugar",  a nickname I've had most of my life.  I am a mommy of three amazing sweet little boys who are my everything and my every inspiration. Through them, BlueSugar Photography was created.


      Bluesugar photography focuses on natural light photography.  I believe whole heartedly in "less is more."  the beauty is within the interaction of the family, the personalities of the children and the pureness of our sweet new miracles.  I keep the focus on the moments rather than the objects.  I believe that keeping it simple allows the emotion in the photograph to grab our hearts each and every time it is viewed.


      The birth of a child is simply magical, and the bond between a parent and child is indescribable. And while these moments are not easily described in words or stories, they are transmitted instantly in photographs.  


    Everything is so new and amazing in the eyes of a child, and my passion is to capture those fleeting moments so you can enjoy and share them forever. 



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maternity, newborn, child

and family photography

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